calamity from the skies (gunshou) wrote in basch_awards,
calamity from the skies

Challenge #9: Entries

Challenge #9: Viva la Vida/Prospekt's March

With all he's been through, Basch still chooses to celebrate life, even though it would be easy for him to slide into despair. Although the life he ends up living is not his own, he lives it to the fullest, as his nature dictates. For this challenge, use any three consecutive words from any song off Viva la Vida or its companion album Prospekt's March. Both have been interpreted as soundtracks to the tumultuous French Revolution, and Basch is, of course, a member of La Resistance.

You may enter up to 3 icons
Keep your icons anonymous until the winners are announced
Please check the rules for more info
Entries are due by Sunday, April 12, 9 pm EST
Tags: challenges
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